At Apjakal IT Solutions we have implemented a Helpdesk Management System.

Whenever there is an IT Support call is needed or to be created, our clients just write an email to “[email protected]“, a ticket will automatically get created by our client’s authorised personal name along with the timestamp and ticket subject, description details.

A ticket registration notification email also will come to your email as an acknowledgment email with a ticket link for you to monitor or follow up at any time. The system will also trigger emails at each stage for every action that we take on the ticket.

Customer satisfaction is of utmost priority for us. We take every chance to ensure that we get feedback form our client and also will give a chance to them to reach. Hence we enabled the option to our clients to give feedback and rate assistance satisfaction in case the ticket gets closed by the technician or the person who attended before the complete solution is provided.

Also, If you are not satisfied or the ticket gets closed without prior agreement with you then you can simply reopen the ticket by replying to the same email/ticket thread that got closed.

With our issue tracking system, you are assured of a reliable and systematic support system that can track, analyse and review your tickets at periodical intervals.

No Extra Charges

Absolutely there is no extra charge. As there is a saying “To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” Our sincerity and integrity to our clients are what make us chosen.

Help with Absolutely Anything

We help our clients beyond what we service them for. We value your business and we build relations just not by providing excellent service but also by being handy to you in need of times.