We ace our competitors in the industry by our exceptional and quality services.

Data safety is extremely crucial for every business. We are a dedicated team of professionals focused in providing solution to maintain your sensitive information in a secure way. We design and implement outstanding IS consulting services that ensure thorough safety and security of the data. Our professional committed team supports and even test whether the techniques work efficiently satisfying the business need. At the same time, we offer worthy data recovery techniques.

We work with your team to deliver a solution that will address all the pain points. With our project management expertise, our ERP implementation team works with your team and assists in preparing business requirements, budgets, and project timelines. We monitor the implementation process to ensure it addresses and meets your stated objectives.

Our implementation team’s teamwork approach will reduce project risks. We can work closely with your team and, together, we can participate in discussions during the scoping and blueprinting stages. This kind of collaborative approach for systems implementation will identify the problems at the requirements gathering stage itself. This will prevent failures in budgeting, changes in project timelines and help eradicate other project risks.

We ensure that the User Acceptance Test (UAT) process satisfies all check points and testing activities by providing test scenarios and templates. Our ERP implementation team’s expertise will also guide your team to run effective testing and we ensure seamless and successful implementation.

Our ERP implementation team will work with your team to make them ready for the Deployment of the go-live solution by providing a deployment strategy, training plan, communication plan to all the Internal stakeholders and by carrying out a successful and fully tested data migration from a legacy system to a new ERP solution. We will continue to support your team when the need arises as per the project implementation agreement.

Services that we offer includes but not limited to:

  • Gap Analysis
  • Preparing Business Requirements in consultation with your team
  • Identifying or recommending a suitable solution to fulfil the Business Requirements
  • Budget preparation and planning of Project Timelines
  • ERP Implementation with International standards and methods
  • User Acceptance Test
  • Systems Deployment and Go-live planning
  • Training and Communication
  • Support and Maintenance after go-live